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Optics Design and Prototyping Services

We provide optics based solutions to companies whose problems can be resolved using optics. We are specialized in accepting projects that have complex problems but can be solved with simple optical solutions. Few of our projects include- designing and prototyping 98% uniformly distributed light with a defined demagnification and collimation from an LED, Designing and prototyping of a 1 mm beam diameter collimated light, continuous monitoring of Dissolved Oxygen Sensor, designing and prototyping of laparoscopic telescopes.


3D Animal Imaging Services

Using our 3D OCT imaging technology, we provide 3D scans of the below tissues- cornea, retina and skin of Rat, Mice, rabbits, pigs and monkeys. Customer may ship their sample or we can carry our IXanner® AEAR to the customer location.


Eye screening services

We provide 3D OCT images of Human retina with a generic RNFL analysis report which could be utilized for glaucoma, Diabetic retinopathy and Age related Macular degeneration screening and progress mapping.


Skill development

We being the knowledge Partners of Zemax, now Ansys Optics Studio we provide skill development activities with respect to optics design and simulating with Ansys Optics Studio.


Ansys Optical Solutions

Software solutions based on Zemax, Lumerical and Speos products. Lumerical and Speos products.


Coming Soon

OpticsHub2047, a consortium of optics based stake holders with a vision to fabricate meta optics in India.