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Key Highlights

  • Compact Size: Total footprint required for this device is (100x100) cm
  • Comprehensive Eye screening: Portable-easy to carry and setup in a space with minimal basic amenities —table and a chair.
  • Screening for Glaucoma, AMD, and any other retinal diseases within 5 mins.
  • Easy adaptation to tele ophthalmology.
  • Highest patient comfort Comes with cellphone operated PMS (Patient Monitoring System) and browser-based report.
  • Viewing entirely operated in the cloud.
  • Can be easily switched to battery operated and suitcase based for easy transportation.
  • Reports are accessible to the assigned doctors over an application on their phone or desktop/laptop.
  • We have two models: Clinical setup, Camp set-up.

Retina Scar
Prepapillary Edema – ONH Swollening
C3R high Field of View (FOV) imaging Macula and ONH
Myoptic Retina with deformation corresponding Enface image
Myoptic Retina with deformation corresponding Enface image
OS & OD scans of 2 males below the age of 40 with Healthy eyes
OD scans of a male & female above the age of 40
7vn Specification
Wavelength 840 nm
Axial Resolution 7 µm
Acquisition Speed 13KHz, 40KHz, 80 KHz
Diopter Correction '-16D to +16 D
Output power at Sample <=750 µW
Imaging Depth 2.7 mm
SNR 1190dB
Scan Options Line, Area, Circle, Multiline, Long and Radial Scan
Tele centricity 7 mm X 7 mm
Transverse resolution <=15 µm
Retinal FOV >= 45
Volume rendering
TSNI maps with RNFL thickness