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This device is built for human eye screening - both anterior and posterior segments include cornea, AC (anterior chamber), retina (Macula and ONH). Product comes with pick and choose features of enlace generation, volume rendering, AC angle measurement, RNFL thickness, TSNI maps, Glaucoma analysis, CDR, AMD, etc. 7vn is a portable (1st kind of in world) device, which can be easily carried to any part of India and in any considerably sanitized environment.

Retina Scar
Prepapillary Edema – ONH Swollening
C3R high Field of View (FOV) imaging Macula and ONH
Myoptic Retina with deformation corresponding Enface image
Myoptic Retina with deformation corresponding Enface image
OS & OD scans of 2 males below the age of 40 with Healthy eyes
OD scans of a male & female above the age of 40
7vn Specification
Wavelength 840 nm
Axial Resolution 7 µm
Acquisition Speed 13KHz, 40KHz, 80 KHz
Diopter Correction '-16D to +16 D
Output power at Sample <=750 µW
Imaging Depth 2.7 mm
SNR 1190dB
Scan Options Line, Area, Circle, Multiline, Long and Radial Scan
Tele centricity 7 mm X 7 mm
Transverse resolution <=15 µm
Retinal FOV >= 45
Volume rendering
TSNI maps with RNFL thickness

Key Highlights

  • Compact Size: Total footprint required for this device is (100x100) cm
  • Comprehensive Eye screening: Portable-easy to carry and setup in a space with minimal basic amenities —table and a chair.
  • Screening for Glaucoma, AMD, and any other retinal diseases within 5 mins.
  • Easy adaptation to tele ophthalmology.
  • Highest patient comfort Comes with cellphone operated PMS (Patient Monitoring System) and browser-based report.
  • Viewing entirely operated in the cloud.
  • Can be easily switched to battery operated and suitcase based for easy transportation.
  • Reports are accessible to the assigned doctors over an application on their phone or desktop/laptop.
  • We have two models: Clinical setup, Camp set-up.