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This device is specifically designed for comprehensive human eye screening, covering both the anterior and posterior segments, which include the cornea, anterior chamber (AC), retina (Macula and ONH). The product offers a range of selectable features such as enlace generation, volume rendering, AC angle measurement, RNFL thickness, TSNI maps, Glaucoma analysis, CDR, AMD, among others. The 7vn is a first-of-its-kind portable device globally, allowing easy transport to any location in India while ensuring compatibility with various sanitized environments.

Retina Scar
Prepapillary Edema – ONH Swollening
C3R high Field of View (FOV) imaging Macula and ONH
Myoptic Retina with deformation corresponding Enface image
Myoptic Retina with deformation corresponding Enface image
OS & OD scans of 2 males below the age of 40 with Healthy eyes
OD scans of a male & female above the age of 40
7vn Specification
Wavelength 840 nm
Axial Resolution 7 µm
Acquisition Speed 13KHz, 40KHz, 80 KHz
Diopter Correction '-16D to +16 D
Output power at Sample <=750 µW
Imaging Depth 2.7 mm
SNR 1190dB
Scan Options Line, Area, Circle, Multiline, Long and Radial Scan
Tele centricity 7 mm X 7 mm
Transverse resolution <=15 µm
Retinal FOV >= 45
Volume rendering
TSNI maps with RNFL thickness

Product Highlights

  • Only Portable OCT: IXanner® 7vn stands as the sole portable OCT device globally, addressing the escalating need for convenient medical imaging solutions. Its portability gives a competitive edge in the market, catering to evolving healthcare demands.
  • Proudly Indian Manufactured: Embracing the "Make in India" ethos, the IXanner® 7vn is the first and only Indian-manufactured OCT device. This mirrors our commitment to local innovation and unwavering quality standards.

Key Advantages

  • 3-Year Manufacturing Warranty: Offering peace of mind, our inclusive 3-year manufacturing warranty showcases our confidence in the product's reliability and durability, ensuring an enduring partnership.
  • Swift Turnaround Time: With a remarkable PO to Delivery time of under 8 weeks, we streamline implementation, reducing operational disruptions for swift integration into medical facilities.
  • Boost Profitability and Accuracy: Introducing IXanner® 7vn OCT scans to primary centers promises a significant 35% enhancement in both profitability and diagnostic accuracy, aligning with hospitals' goals for improved patient care outcomes.
  • Comprehensive Data Insights: Beyond imaging capabilities, IXanner® 7vn delivers profound tissue analysis, equipping medical teams with critical insights for early detection and precise treatments.
  • Telemedicine Integration: Seamlessly integrating with telemedicine setups, the device enables remote consultations with real-time imaging, expanding the horizons of medical services