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This device is built on OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) technology, which is a 3D-Cross sectional imaging, analogous to optical ultrasound imaging technology.

The device is built around the technology to open the doors and broaden-up the possibilities in research fields catering to:

  • Animal Research
    In MOU with MAHE-Manipal, this device is used for imaging rat (skin, cornea), mice(cornea, retina) and rabbit (cornea, retina) and microneedles inserted on rat skin
    Case study: Cornea thickening due to dry eyes in mice. You can download the report by clicking on the link.
  • Pharmaceuticals
    The device can be used in Quality check - post production, tablets and capsules coating thickness, micro-slides thickness, etc.
  • Nanomaterials
  • 3D-printed materials
  • Immunology

There are other fields that are yet to be explored to cater to the research institutions and industry.

Along with the off-the-shelf device and technology, we also support with customization of the specifications, analytical software, cloud storage and optical and hardware functionality.

Transparent capsule doom part
Coloured capsule with
opaque density
Sample laser engraved scale. Base plate – Aluminium Coating – 52um black anodization
OCT image with width measurement layer 1- coating, layer 2-aluminium plate
Enface image showing scratches/absnormality on the surface coating layer
OCT image
Abnormality in the coating (scratches) on the base plate
OCT Depth Measurement
AEAR Specification
Wavelength 840 nm
Axial Resolution 7 µm
Acquisition Speed 13KHz, 40KHz, 80 KHz
Diopter Correction '-16D to +16 D
Output power at Sample <=750 µW
Imaging Depth 2.7 mm
SNR 119dB
Scan Options Line, Area, Circle, Multiline, Long and Radial Scan
Tele centricity 7mm X 7mm
Transverse resolution <=15 µm
Retinal FOV >= 45