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This device is built on OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) technology, which is a 3D-Cross sectional imaging, analogous to optical ultrasound imaging technology. The device is built around the technology to open the doors and broaden-up the possibilities in research fields catering to: Animal Research In MOU with MAHE-Manipal, this device is used for imaging rat (skin, cornea), mice(cornea, retina) and rabbit (cornea, retina) and microneedles inserted on rat skin Case study: Cornea thickening due to dry eyes in mice. You can download the report by cricking on the link. Pharmaceuticals The device can be used in Quality check - postproduction, tablets and capsules coating thickness, micro-slides thickness, etc. Nanomaterials 3D-printed materials Immunology There are other fields that are yet to be explored to cater to the research institutions and industry. Along with the off-the-shelf device and technology, we also support customization of the specifications, analytical software, cloud storage and optical and hardware functionality.

Academic research

  • Easy plug and play Sub Assembly Modules are available for building your own OCT.
  • Customized 3D imaging hardware and Software available.

Life Science Research

  • 3D imaging of animal skin up to a depth of 1 mm
  • 3D imaging of animal eyes - zebrafish, mice, rat, rabbit and Guinea pigs with the same device
  • Standalone IXanner Reader SW for easy analysis of the results and publication quality report generation
  • Caliper and measurement Software available
  • Al - based disease progression and drug treatment response new!


  • Real time measurement of coating thickness on metals
  • Real time quality check on the surface deformities

Transparent capsule doom part
Coloured capsule with
opaque density
Sample laser engraved scale. Base plate – Aluminium Coating – 52um black anodization
OCT image with width measurement layer 1- coating, layer 2-aluminium plate
Enface image showing scratches/absnormality on the surface coating layer
OCT image
Abnormality in the coating (scratches) on the base plate
OCT Depth Measurement
AEAR Specification
Wavelength 840 nm
Axial Resolution 7 µm
Acquisition Speed 13KHz, 40KHz, 80 KHz
Diopter Correction '-16D to +16 D
Output power at Sample <=750 µW
Imaging Depth 2.7 mm
SNR 119dB
Scan Options Line, Area, Circle, Multiline, Long and Radial Scan
Tele centricity 7mm X 7mm
Transverse resolution <=15 µm
Retinal FOV >= 45